HP will try and get a leg up on the competition later this summer by bundling Leap Motion's controls right into its computers. The two companies on Tuesday announced a partnership that would see the standalone motion device, which is set for a May retail launch, embedded right into certain laptops and desktop computers. As of now, however, exact HP models haven't been detailed, and it's unclear how much more costly the Leap-powered computers will be.

Leap Motion has shown a lot of promise since first popping up in the Kickstarter phase last year, with over 12,000 developers hopping onboard to create applications for the motion-controlled dongle. When the new HP computers do launch later this year, they'll have Airspace (Leap Motion's app store) already installed, hopefully with access to plenty of exciting gesture apps.

If you're opposed to purchasing an HP product, Leap Motion hardware will launch in early May for $80, at both Best Buy locations and through Leap's website. When it does launch, the way you and I interact with computers on a day to day basis promises to change completely thanks to the technology's "accurate up to a hundredth of a millimeter" claims. We can't wait to see first-hand just how cool Leap is.