The iPhone X uses an advanced TrueDepth camera system for facial recognition (dubbed Face ID), which allow users to authenticate their device to unlock apps and make payments. And while Face ID is primarily used for security purposes, Apple included an entertaining Animoji that takes advantage of the new camera system.

Animoji essentially turns iPhone X owners into a cartoon, whether it be an animated dog, robot or poop. By using the TrueDepth camera, Animoji will allow users to create and share custom animated messages. While the feature sounds childish, it’s surprisingly delightful.

Creating an Animoji is easy

Animoji live inside the Message apps, so creating one is incredibly easy. Simply start a new message or tap on an existing one, tap the App Store icon, and then tap the Animoji icon (monkey face) at the bottom. This will bring up the Animoji screen.

Once the Animoji screen is up, you can cycle through the 12 different Animoji, which range from a unicorn to a cat. Once you’ve found the one you want, hit the record button and start recording your messages. Apple says you can create Animoji messages up to ten seconds long.

After you’ve recorded your message, you can preview what it looks like and even choose a different character if you don’t like the one you started with. To send, tap the blue arrow. It’s a pretty easy (and fun!) process, adding much-needed charm to the Messages experience.

If you want to save your Animoji, just tap and hold on an Animoji and hit save. The cool thing is Animoji will work with most platforms, whether you’re sending it to your iPhone or Android device.

Apple also makes it easy to send an Animoji as a sticker. Just open the Animoji screen, make a facial expression, and drag the Animoji into the message. The results are surprisingly good thanks to the TrueDepth camera, which maps over 50 muscles in your face.

Who would’ve thought one of the iPhone X’s standout features would be animated emoji?