This might be one of the easiest how-to articles out there, but I’ve read a few that suggest you need to jump through a few steps to get an iPhone 5 nanoSIM working properly in a BlackBerry Z10. Turns out that’s not the case at all.

I recently decided to switch to the BlackBerry Z10 as my full-time handset for testing purposes. As you know from our recent promise, we try to use devices as our full-time phone when we test them. Since I’m testing an AT&T BlackBerry Z10 I thought I’d try to move my nanoSIM into the microSIM card slot and see what happened.

Here’s how I got it working on the first try.

Step 1: Remove your nanoSIM from your iPhone 5. You can do this by popping a paperclip into the SIM tray on the side of your iPhone 5.

Step 2. Open the rear cover of your BlackBerry Z10 and remove the battery.

Step 3: Pop the nanoSIM into the microSIM card slot so that the edge of the SIM card lines up with the very edge of the microSIM card slot’s border and so that it sits along the bottom side of the SIM slot wall. This will make sure that all of the pins align properly. Take a look:


Step 4: Put the battery back into your Z10 and put the back cover on. Reboot the phone.

Step 5: Enjoy!

Use our gallery above for a photo guide on how to follow the steps properly.