The introduction of iOS 11 marks a big step for Apple, making the software cleaner and easier to use than ever before. While there’s a slew of new tweaks to get acquainted with, the additions to Live Photos is one of the more exciting. If you loved Live Photos before, you’re going to fall in love all over again.

Some of the new additions include Loop, Bounce, Long Exposure, and the ability to choose a new key frame of your Live Photo, which users have been requesting for months. You can also trim the length of your Live Photo as you would a movie, so you can cut out any unnecessary moments.

Weirdly, Apple does a pretty bad job of advertising the new additions, which aren’t very obvious. In fact, you might not even know there were new features if someone didn’t tell you.

To choose a new key frame (essentially a thumbnail) for your Live Photo, hit the edit button and you’ll see a new timeline reel at the bottom. Simply skim through your timeline, find the perfect key frame, and save. To trim the length of your Live Photos, just drag either side of your timeline and hit done.

Here’s why I said Apple does a bad job of advertising the new Live Photos effects.

Once you’re at the photo you want to edit, swipe up (don’t tap edit) from the photo viewer and you’ll see several new cards for Loop, Bounce, and Long Exposure. The Loop effect will play your Live Photo indefinitely, while Bounce will play your Live Photo in forward and reverse. Both effects essentially turn your Live Photos in GIFs.

The effects work great when capturing action, like of someone jumping into a pool or doing a cartwheel, making images even more dynamic.

The Loop and Bounce effects have been available in other third-party apps for a while now, but it’s nice to see Apple include the features in the latest software. It’s just very odd that Apple hid them.

In addition to the new effects, Apple is also making the Photos app a more powerful editing tool. Seven “pro-level” filters have been added, all designed to give your photos more life. And if editing tools aren’t to your liking, iOS 11 allows users to use the editing tools of their favorite third-party app without leaving the Photos app.

Apple’s Live Photos has developed into one of the best features of iOS in recent memory, and the new effects make it even better. After you download iOS 11, give the new feature a shot.