We love that Android allows you to access Google Now at any time, on some smartphones anyway, by saying a command. For whatever reason, when Apple added the ability to call up Siri by speaking "Hey Siri" it decided that function should only work while the phone is plugged in. There's actually a small workaround that will allow you to use "Hey Siri" when your phone isn't plugged in, though unfortunately it's not a permanent solution.

iDownloadBlog recently revealed how to activate the function, though it might actually be more of a bug than a feature. Here's what you need to do:

  • Make sure you're on iOS 8
  • Turn on "Hey Siri" functionality in Siri settings.
  • Launch Siri
  • Let Siri timeout, this only takes a few seconds.
  • So long as Siri is still open and the device doesn't lock or idle off, you'll be able to use "Hey Siri" at any time.

Here's a pro tip that makes it much more useful, however. If you need to access "Hey Siri" unplugged for longer than a few minutes, you can change your phone's Auto-Lock settings to "never." In that case, you should be able to use "Hey Siri" away from an outlet until you manually lock your phone or exit Siri.