In addition to releasing new software for millions of iPhones, Apple also rolled out a new app called Shortcuts, which can be found in the App Store. The service replaces the Workflow app that Apple acquired months ago, and works similarly to If This Then That.

As Apple describes it, Shortcuts delivers a "much faster way to get things done with the ability for any app to work with Siri." If you're not a fan of using Siri, you can quickly access your favorite Shortcuts by navigating to your widgets found to the left of your home screen.

Essentially, Shortcuts condenses multi-step actions into a single tap. For example, you can create a shortcut to call your favorite contact. You can also see when you should leave for work.

Apple already provides a plethora of pre-made shortcuts that you can easily add by browsing the app. You can also create shortcuts of your own, like a quick link to TechnoBuffalo's YouTube channel. If you choose to create your own, you'll have full control over a shortcut's "actions," which are the steps necessary to making a shortcut work.

Additionally, users have control over some of a shortcut's more granular features, such as design, name, and more. It's a great way to fully customize the shortcuts you create, which can also be shared with friends and family.

Apple is really pushing Siri as a big component of the Shortcuts app, but you don't need to utilize the assistant to take advantage of the new service. However, speaking directly to Siri is the quickest way to put things in motion, so your relationship with Apple's AI could be about to change.

If you've ever used IFTTT, Apple's Shortcuts will feel very familiar. The app features over 300 built-in actions, making it an incredibly powerful tool. Many of the suggested shortcuts are designed to work with Apple's own apps and services, though there is some third-party integration, such as the ability to quickly save your clipboard to Evernote.

Apple's Shortcuts is available now for free.