It seems these days that every cell phone comes equipped with a camera. Even the BlackBerry line, once famous for foregoing the addition of the add-on has given in to the trend. While most people use these devices to take quick snapshots of silly things to upload to social networks, there is an extremely powerful use for them for those of you with young children in your lives.

Recently I discovered a friend of a friend taking a picture of her young daughter with her camera phone, not a very big deal, but then I noticed she did it every time I saw her, and every time she said, “Smile for the camera, mommy wants a picture of you because she loves you so much.” The daughter would smile big, mom would take the picture and it was all done. Finally, as with many things in life, curiosity drove me nuts, and I had to ask if there was more to the situation.

Mom with a cell phoneWell, my curiosity paid off. While I have no idea if this is some idea she saw in passing and just forgot it, she got the idea one day after seeing an Amber Alert that they said recent photos were always helpful in those situations. So, now any time her daughter is going to be in a large crowd, or going off to school, she takes a picture of her with her camera phone so she has an image of her that is not only recent, but what clothes she was last known to be in. Her daughter doesn’t get scared by the pictures as she has no idea for the reason of it.

To be honest, I thought this was one of the most brilliant uses for a cell phone camera ever.  If something should happen to her daughter, she has a picture with her of as she last appeared, it can be quickly texted or e-mailed t0 authorities and there is no having to dig around for it, wasting valuable time.

While the readership of TechnoBuffalo tends to skew to younger males, which may lead some of you to wonder why we would run this idea here, do any of you have younger siblings?  Nephews and/or nieces?  Friends with children?  Is it such a horrible idea to pass on to the those responsible for little ones in a world that is seemingly getting crazier by the day?

Is it a perfect solution?  Probably not, but it is certainly better than nothing.

What say you?  What ideas do you have for ways to make sure you always have the latest information on children?