With new BlackBerry handsets coming fast and furious over the next few weeks (and months depending on your carrier), you may be tempted to get latest leaked or official OS on your shiny new touchscreen.  Installing a new operating system is extremely easy, and relativity painless if you follow a few simple steps.  As the only current member of the herd rocking a RIM device, the tutorial onus is on me.  There are a few things to keep in mind.  Installing another carriers official OS, even if it's in a foreign language is usually a safe bet for stability, leaked OS's however are a total crapshoot, so be sure to backup your device before you do any of this, and you'll need a PC … sorry Apple fans. The guide is courtesy of the folks at n4bb.

To update OS in our BlackBerry Device You have to:a) Download the newest BlackBerry Desktop Manager from BlackBerry site


b) Download OS of our choise for our device (IMPORTANT: you can't install OS not specified for your device, even if they are from the same family, like 'Curve'). The newest OS can be (of course) downloaded from BBLeaks.com

IMPORTANT! There is no need to download your carrier (branding) specified OS and updating with it doesen't do anything with your phone simlock.

c) Install downloaded .exe file on your PC

d) From the path C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader (disk letter depends on where you have your Desktop Manager installed) delete file "vendor.xml"

e) Connect Your BlackBerry to PC using USB cable
IMPORTANT! During OS update mass storage mode should be TURNED OFF
f) Run Desktop Manager – it should detect new OS automaticly

g)Fallow the steps on the screen
Remeber to make backup before updating – if You won't do this You will lost all Your data!

h) Be patient – rebooting after OS update may take over 30 minutes


Leaked OS installation issue – Update available only for active BlackBerry subscribers

  1. Download BBSAK
  2. Create backup using Desktop Manager
  3. Run BBSAK, connect device using USB cable, click on "Backup/Restore" tab (in versions newer than 1.6)
  4. IMPORTANT: Choosing WIPE option will remove all data from our BlackBerry!
  5. Download leaked OS for Your BlackBerry device
  6. Install it
  7. Remove vendor file as mentioned above
  8. Remove RIM Internal Tools (from Add/Remove Programs Windows manager)
  9. Open "Backup/Restore" tab again and choose "Load OS" option
  10. Follow all on-screen steps
  11. After update run Desktop Manager, choose Backup/Restore and restore Your data from backup

Now you've got a brand new OS to explore. Get playing with it will yah?  If you have any other suggestions for future 'Buffalo Turorial" posts, we'd love to hear them in the comments down below.

[via n4bb]