How To Train Your Dragon has been a unmitigated—and surprising—success for DreamWorks Animation, and the studio is looking to continue capitalizing on the property by bringing it to TV. Well, streaming.

Netflix on Monday announced Dragons: Race to the Edge will hit the service in its entirety on June 26, giving fans plenty more flying, exploring and fantasy action. The show will feature beloved characters Hiccup and Toothless, and follow the two as they stumble on an ancient artifact known as the Dragon Eye—something also being sought after by a group of dragon hunters.

Both How To Train Your Dragon movies have become impressively popular among fans, and the second film in particular has seen terrific success both among critics and at the box office; there's currently a third film planned for 2018. Until then, we'll have to bide our time with the upcoming Netflix show, a trailer for which you can see above.

It looks just as charming and funny as both movies, which I guess is all we can ask for in an animated TV series. Can DreamWorks capture the same success it did on TV screens as it did in theaters? Not long until we find out.