Google wants your conversations to be flexible. Anyone with a modern Android device can take advantage of a feature that enables texting from a PC or Mac. You’ll need to use the Android Messages app, but that shouldn’t be a challenge since it’s compatible across all devices.

Let’s get your phone and computer talking.

How to text from a PC or Mac with Android Messages


Open the Android Messages app on your phone, and go to on a computer

The web client will show a QR code that’s unique; by the way, it’s probably a good idea to activate ‘Remember this computer’ to avoid repeating these steps often

Select the ‘Scan QR code’ button in the app


Your phone’s camera will launch, looking to scan the QR code shown on your computer

Point the camera at the QR code to automatically sync the two devices


In a few seconds, you’ll discover that conversations are available on your phone and your computer

All active threads appear on both devices and sync instantly

Looking to create a new thread? Just select the ‘Start chat’ button and enter the contact(s) you want to hit up; otherwise, just choose a conversation and continue where you left off


The feature isn’t completely basic as Google offers dedicated buttons for emoji, stickers, and photos/videos


If you need to make any adjustments, the Settings menu awaits

The three-dot icon above all conversation gives quick access to important areas

Here, you’re able to toggle notifications, message previews, audio notifications, and dark mode

Now you can move between devices and still keep up with every conversation. Google needs more for Android Messages to rival Apple’s iMessage, but this feature alone is what so many Android users have been begging for.

As long as you’re logged in on Android Messages’ web client, you’ll be able to send/receive texts. There are no limitations on how many laptops or desktops you can sync to. It’s particularly useful if, aside from your personal computer, you also have a work computer. No matter what device you’re, you can continue chatting.

Enjoy, and be on the lookout for Android Messages to have the feature expanded over time.