You just opened up that shiny new smartwatch. Now what? If your smartwatch is powered by Android Wear, the setup is pretty quick and simple.

Google made it straightforward to get a phone and a smartwatch syncing, and then you’re free to do a bunch of things from your wrist rather than taking your phone out.

Here’s how to set up Android Wear on your smartwatch:

  1. Download the latest version of Android Wear app from Google Play
  2. Open the Android Wear app on your phone, turn on your smartwatch
  3. Turn on Bluetooth so that your phone can located your smartwatch
  4. Accept the request to pair devices if the code displayed on both match
  5. Choose whether or not Android Wear can run in the background to completely sync data between devices
  6. Select the accounts you’d like to bring over from your phone to the smartwatch
  7. Decide if you want your smartwatch to connect to Wi-Fi networks if Bluetooth is unavailable
  8. Allow or deny Android Wears request to view contacts, messages, and calendars

As long as you opt-in to having your Google Account sync between devices, everything will transfer automatically. There’s nothing you need to do but decide whether or not you want to install apps directly onto your smartwatch. That’s something Android Wear 2.0 introduced. Rather than having to do everything from your phone, your smartwatch can store dedicated apps.

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