One way that I like to keep my Windows machine fresh and interesting is by changing the desktop background on a regular basis. You can find some fantastic digital photography or computer generated imagery for free from a variety of websites, such as DeviantArt (try searching for your screen resolution to find a wallpaper that fits) or Digital Blasphemy. My personal favorite is high-dynamic range photography, which displays greater tonal detail of a photo than traditional photoraphy. See below for an example.


Windows 7 adds a feature that puts a photo slideshow on your desktop with configurable delays between images (yes, OS X has had this feature for some time now). You can also choose from your own folder of photos if you don’t want to use the default Windows 7 wallpapers. To set up a slideshow, do the following:


1. Right click on the Desktop, hit Personalize.

2. Click the Desktop Background button in the bottom left corner.

3. Change the picture location from the drop down at the top. If you want to use your own folder of images, hit Browse.

4. Check off the images you want to be included in the slideshow.

5. Set the slideshow interval at the bottom of the screen. It’s unfortunate that the maximum time is 1 day, but that’s what I have found to work the best.

If you find that a picture shows up on your background that you rather not see, you can quickly skip to the next one by right clicking on your Desktop and hitting Next Desktop Background.