The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus offer a few features that are unavailable on earlier models. Two of those are live wallpapers and live photos, the latter of which can actually be used for the former. It’s a pretty fun feature that, yes, has already been available on Android for many years. Still, since I was wondering this myself this morning and stumbled upon a useful guide from iMore, I thought we’d walk you through how it can be done.

First, know this. Your iPhone comes with three types of wallpapers: dynamic, still and live. Dynamic and still options aren’t new. The live wallpapers are, and Apple has provided nine to get you started. None are ever “live” on your home screen, always on the lock screen, which is a tad of a bummer. OK, now that that’s out of the way, let’s get into how you set your photo as a wallpaper.

  • Open your camera


  • Make sure live photos is on. This is the small target-looking icon at the top of the screen in portrait mode, or on the left in landscape mode. Make sure it’s highlighted yellow. This will turn on “Live photos” and captures 1.5 seconds of content before and after each photo you shoot.


  • Snap a photo of something. This is going to be your wallpaper/lock screen, so maybe a flower blowing in the wind. Or a silly puppy shot! It’s up to you.
  • Open Photos
  • Select the Live photo you’d like to use as your wallpaper


  • Hit the “Share” button and choose “Use as wallpaper.” This will give you the option to use it for the desktop and lock screen, but it’s only animated on the latter.


  • Check out how it will look, and align it properly. Touch on the screen to see how the animation works.


  • Click Set.

That’s all! And now you have a custom live wallpaper for your lockscreen. I’m digging it so far, I went with the silly puppy face route, as you can see.