No Man’s Sky‘s latest update includes a lot of stuff. Chief among it is base building, or at least the starting blocks of that feature.

By default, there are some limits on how tall and large a base can be. That’s had some builders frustrated as they want sprawling space estates or dominating towers.

For PC players, we have some good news. You can edit some files to remove the base building size restraints, and it’s quite easy.

Reddit user Sogemplow posted a gallery and guide to removing base limits. Here are those images and instructions below them. It’s dead simple, I promise.

  1. Go to [your Steam] library and find [No Man’s Sky]
  2. [Right click on the game’s title and ]Hit properties down the bottom
  3. Go to local files tab at top
  4. Click browse local files
  5. Double click on Binaries
  6. and again on settings
  8. Go to the last two properties in the file RemoveBaseBuildingRestrictions and set it to “true” and/or set BaseBuildingLimit to an arbitrarily high number.

Sogemplow notes that on the last step “your view will not be this pretty unless you have sublime text like me.” The text in brackets comes from me for clarity.

Obviously, remove base building limits in No Man’s Sky only works on PC

Such is the nature of the open PC platform versus the closed experience on consoles, I suppose. I own No Man’s Sky on PlayStation 4. I’d love to be able to tweak code to remove base size limits.

I won’t buy the game again on PC, though. At least not yet. I don’t mind double-dipping for multiple platforms when it comes to games. I just want to know that I’ll definitely dump tons of time into the title on each platform. That’s not the case yet for No Man’s Sky.

Create any fancy bases yet?