The new iPods for 2010 were announced today, and there was a ton of upgrades that may make it difficult to decide which one you should pick up.

iPod Shuffle

iPod Shuffle 2010The iPod Shuffle is the “kid” in the iPod family with only has 2 GB of storage, no display and still focusing on shuffling your music as opposed to just choosing what you want.  However, at $49, and seeing as official Apple ear buds cost $29, it’s almost like you’re getting the Shuffle for $20.

Should I upgrade if I have an older model?
Personally, I always go with “no” on this. I’m not a big fan of the Shuffle to begin with, but if you have a limited budget, you might as well stick with this one. You get the quality of an Apple product at a decent price.

iPod Nano

iPod Nano 2010The Nano went through a radical change this year. The click wheel is no more, it’s 46 percent smaller, the camera is gone, it’s honestly almost like a completely different device. Enough so that I almost wonder why it didn’t get a new name.

That aside, it’s running iOS now, but it doesn’t appear you can download any apps to it.  The inclusion of an FM tuner is nice, and it has band settings for Americas, Asia, Australia, Europe and Japan, so if you’re traveling you’ll be able to turn into local radio stations at least.

Should I upgrade if I have an older model?
This is a really tough cal this year. If you have a 2009 model with the camera, I’d say no.  This year’s model really is almost like a grown up Shuffle when it comes to form factor, so I would be holding on to my 2009 for sure.  If you have an older model than last year, also a tough call as this really is so radically different.  I’m really of the mind that the 2010 Nano may only be for new customers, or people looking to graduate from a Shuffle to something with more space.

iPod Touch 2010

iPod Touch

Oh, iPod Touch.  You’ve teased us for ages with your lack of a camera, and now not only is it hear, but you brought along a forward facing one to boot.

The iPod Touch really has grown this year into what everyone has been saying it always was, “The iPhone without the phone”, but is that even really true any more?  With the built-in mic, the ability to use FaceTime to video chat with other iPod Touch 4 and iPhone 4 users, this device really is getting close to being a phone.  With the number of free Wi-Fi locations opening up, and even portable Wi-Fi routers (note: We haven’t tried this idea, it may not work), you could theoretically have communication anywhere, any time.  Skype, anyone?

Should I upgrade if I have an older model? Yes … yes … and yes. Even if you bought one last year I think the upgrade is worth it. This is really the iPod Touch we have all been waiting for.  Better display, more communications options, picture taking, video shooting … if you don’t have an iPhone for what ever reason, than this is an easy buy.  Lets put it this way, I ordered mine on the first day of orders, but due to writing here at TechnoBuffalo it took me a few hours … I was already into the second week of orders.  This is going to be a hot item this year.

iPod Classic

There was no update to the Classic in spite of Steve Jobs saying on stage that they had updated the whole line. We have no proof, but we think that when the current supply sells out, this model is done and gone. If you have to carry a 160 GB of music around with you, then you had better buy one now.

What are you buying, and why?