Uber Eats isn't as revolutionary as its parent company's primary service, but there's no doubt a large number of people appreciate it on the same level.

The food delivery service, which operates on iOS and Android devices, connects local and chain restaurants with their customers even if they don't have a team of drivers. Uber instructs drivers to pick up orders from restaurants on behalf of its users. From there, it's a race to get hot and delicious food to homes and offices.

You're hungry, and we can help. Let's get you linked up with Uber Eats for around-the-clock ordering.

How to order local food delivery from Uber Eats


Make sure your delivery address at the top left is accurate, and choose whether you'd like the food to arrive as soon as possible or at a scheduled time

Uber Eats will present restaurants in various categories — $2 Off Your Order, Your Favorites, New on Uber Eats, Top Picks, and more

There's also a search icon at the bottom if you know exactly what you want


Choose a restaurant, and you'll see the style food as well as the estimated delivery time and the delivery fee

A restaurant's menu gets broken down into a carousel-like row; this makes it easier to jump between sections

When you've selected an item, there might additional choices; the restaurant could ask to choose a size, toppings, and more

Be sure to select exactly what you'd like, and don't miss the text box for each item that lets you tell the restaurant about special instructions

Once you've customized an item, hit the 'Add to cart' button


Your cart shows the restaurant name, estimated delivery time, your delivery address, and all items being ordered

Examine the entire order, and add a special note (like extra napkins or sauce) for the restaurant to see

Uber Eats also accepts promotional codes, so enter one if you're so lucky to get a discounted meal

Submit the rundown to the restaurant using the 'Place Order' button

The restaurant will receive your order and immediately hustle in its kitchen. The Uber Eats app, meanwhile, will continue sending live updates to your smartphone.

If there's a delay, you'll see the estimated delivery time get lengthened a bit. Uber Eats' partners are typically on time, but you never know when a restaurant runs into an issue or gets overwhelmed.

While the food gets prepared, Uber Eats will send a driver to the restaurant for pickup. The app then gives real-time tracking of the driver's location during the trip from restaurant to destination. You're also able to call or message the driver who's delivering the meal from Uber Eats' app.