TweetDeck will be no more as of this coming May, Twitter confirmed yesterday. As one of the most popular Twitter apps, this is a sad day indeed. While there may not be a fix for a stand-alone app on iOS or Android (yet), there is at least one way you can fix this issue for yourself on a Mac.

While it was suggested you can use the Web-based version of TweetDeck, or download the Chrome app, neither of them feel quite the same as the beloved TweetDeck. Using the Chrome application added some extra spacing to the top of the screen, and the Search box became difficult to use in our experience. Using the service in a browser tab also wasn’t exactly ideal as it just didn’t feel the same. There is hope though if you want to create something very similar to the outgoing app.

Thanks to a handy little app called Fluid, you can turn any Web based tool into a stand-alone app on your Mac. To get started making your own TweetDeck, head over to and download the free version. (You can skip the $4.99 premium version, although it does add some more tools). Once you’ve downloaded and installed Fluid, open it up and you’ll be presented with this screen.

Fluid tutorial - 1

Next, simply fill out the information in the boxes like we demonstrate below.

Fluid tutorial - 2

While you can choose to use the site Favicon for the app image, it isn’t very pretty. So we suggest using this image below. It is nearly identical to the one you’ve gotten used to with the official TweetDeck app.

tweetdeck logo

Just simply save it somewhere you can easily access it, and then click on “Use Website Favicon” and choose “Other.” This will allow you to use any image you have stored locally.

Once you’ve chosen the image, simply click “Create,” and there you go. You once again have a stand alone TweetDeck app. The only difference is you will have to login every time you start it up, but other than that, it is pretty much identical to what you had before.

TweetDeck in Fluid

(We cut out the personal tweets to protect the innocent).

While it is indeed the Web interface you are using, it is much more along the same feel as the app we are about to lose. For a free tool, and less than five minutes of your time, this is well worth the effort if you’re a TweetDeck fan on a Mac.