Everyone likes to customize their phone in one way or another, maybe it’s with a cool case, funky wallpapers, or some sort of customized skin. The most prevalent way to personalize your phone is with a distinct ringtone. The problem is, ringtones cost money, and no one really wants to pay for ringtones when chances are you have already bought the song in which you would like to draw from.

Here we will learn how to create a ringtone in GarageBand with already purchased DRM free music. The entire process only takes about five minutes and you will then have the ability to make as many ringtones as possible without shelling out up to $1.29 per tone.

Let’s get started!! First, decide on what song you would like to draw from for your ringtone, then open Garage Band on your Mac.

1. Click “iPhone Ringtone” in the sidebar.

2. Next click File>New in the menu bar. Name and Save your project.

3. Drag and drop a DRM free song from iTunes or wherever you store your music into the project canvas. 4. Highlight the default “Grand Piano”. Go to Track>Delete Track in the menu bar.

5. Next click the “cycle region” button at the bottom of the screen. What this will do is give you a yellow bar above your track. This is the area of the song from which the ringtone will be created.

6. Drag the edge of the yellow bar to desired length. Ringtones can be up to forty five seconds, but I recommend keeping it to about thirty seconds. You can now grab the middle of the bar and drag to the specific section of the song you would like to be your ringtone. Adjust the length of the area to accommodate chorus or other parts of the song you would like included or eliminate.

7. When you have your ringtone just right go to the menu bar and click Share>Send Ringtone To iTunes. Garage Band will convert your masterpiece and send to iTunes to be stored in your “Ringtones” Folder.

7. Attach iPhone to computer sync ringtones to your phone and set you creation to be your ringtone.

There you have it, your favorite song set as a ringtone and you didn’t have to pay $1.29 through the iTunes store to acquire it. Keep in mind this will only work with DRM free music and if the song is not DRM free GarageBand will alert you.

Not only will this save you money but it’s quite fun to create whatever ringtone you like from your music. We have made it a family project where the kids choose what song should be the ringtone for certain contacts. Some of the selections are indeed humerous.

What creative ways do you create or acquire ringtones to break up the monotony of your phone ringing? Let me know in the comments below.