It wasn’t long ago that I wrote of the declining number of reasons to jailbreak as Apple adds new features into iOS.  Last night I made the jump in jailbreaking my iPad for the sole reason of multitasking.  I’m tired of waiting on Apple and this should hold me over until iOS 4.0 hits the iPad this Fall.  If you were eyeing up Multifl0w but held off because of its $4.99 price tag, here’s how to do it for the low, low price of only $0.00.


First let’s Jailbreak your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad:

  • Back up your iDevice in iTunes. ** IMPORTANT **
  • Check your iDevice’s software version.  If you’ve upgraded past iOS 4.0.1 (3.2.1 iPad), you’re out of luck until the DevTeam releases its next jailbreak.
  • Head to in Safari and ‘Slide to Jailbreak’.
  • Once finished, you’ll find a new app icon called Cydia somewhere on your homescreen.  Launch it, choose User (Graphical), and perform the necessary updates when prompted.
  • When the updates have finished, Tap the Search tab in the bottom right and type ‘Backgrounder’.
  • Select the version that says Enable and Manage Backgrounding.  (Not the 2.x only!)
  • Tap Install in the top right.
  • Once Backgrounder has installed, tap the Manage tab at the bottom of Cydia.
  • Tap Sources.
  • Tap Edit in the top right, then Add in the top left.
  • Enter and tap Add Source. (Yes, just one ‘f’)
  • Tap Done in the top right and then select AtomicMufin – from the source list.
  • Scroll down and choose Multifl0w [cracked] and then Install in the top right.

In your iDevice’s Settings app, you’ll find two new categories called Activator and Multifl0w.  Activator is the trigger to have an application added to the list of running applications and Multifl0w allows you to manage how the Expose-like interface pops up.

Here are the settings I chose:

  • Once you’ve installed both Backgrounder and Multifl0w, head to the Backgrounder app and choose Global Settings.
  • Select Enable at Launch to have your apps automatically added to the list of running background applications.
  • In the same app, disable all Control (via Activator)* toggles since all your apps will be triggered run in the background when they’re launched.
  • In the Settings app under the Multifl0w settings, I chose the activation method to trigger Expose as a double-tap on the home button.

You can fool around with backgrounder and multiflow until you find the settings that you like best.  If you’re unimpressed, a simple restore through iTunes will have you back to stock iOS in no time.

Note:  We do not advocate the theft of any applications.  If you plan to use the app long-term, consider dropping $4.99 into the developer’s pocket.  Jailbreak at your own risk!!!