Google makes it incredibly easy to download and install apps. It takes only a few taps, assuming you know exactly what apps you’re looking for. Then you’re quickly onto a fresh experience that’ll add some productivity or entertainment to your life.

Even if you’re just exploring, the Play Store has been organized in a straightforward layout. Don’t be surprised if you get lost diving through the large catalog of apps.

We’ve put together a guide that shows you how to find apps and get them on your Android device. If you have an Android-powered phone or tablet released in the last few years, the steps for this are identical between models. Really, Google Play’s that simple to navigate.

How to install Android apps from Google Play


Unlock your Android device, and locate the Google Play app icon

It might be on your home screen or hidden in the app drawer

All Android devices with Google Mobile Services (Gmail, Maps, Drive, etc.) are guaranteed to have access to the Play Store


In the Play Store, you’ll see several sections; feel free to explore each and familiarize yourself with its structure

Hit the white-colored search bar at the top to enter an app you’ve been interested in


As you type, you’ll notice there are recommended search results

Google Play also offers a one-touch link of what might be the app you’re looking for

The more you type in the search bar, the more accurate the results can be


Once you’ve reached the app you’re wanting to download and install, tap the green-colored ‘Install’ at the top of the listing

It’ll use your LTE or Wi-Fi connection to complete the process

The listing has rank, downloads, rating, and description available as well

Here, you can also leave a review for the app after trying it out


Once the download completes, you’ll see ‘Uninstall’ and ‘Open’ buttons

Both are self-described; therefore, hit the ‘Open’ button to launch the app or the ‘Uninstall’ button to remove it

Since this is Google’s digital store, the post-download experience includes advertisements for similar apps

Now you’re all set. If you hit the ‘Open’ button, the app will launch. Use the app, do everything you need.

Android devices work with plenty of apps, so anything you’ve heard about on iOS should here as well. It’s not anything like back in the day when one platform had some apps that the other was missing. Google, like Apple, has created a robust ecosystem for users around the world to enjoy.