Apple iPhone 6 Plus-8

iOS 8 shipped with a bunch of new features including actionable notifications, third-party keyboard support, Continuity, Handoff and more. We're still finding out new tips and tricks in iOS 8, however, and Lifehacker just published some information on how to hide applications. This could be particularly useful if there are Apple utilities that are pre-installed on the phone that you know you'll never use anyway.

This does seem more like a bug than an official way to hide an app, but at least it works and isn't necessarily permanent. Here's how:

  • You'll need to first start with a homescreen that's completely full of applications.
  • Next, choose the application that you want to hide and hold it down until the apps start wiggling.
  • Drag the app over an icon on the full homescreen as if you're going to create a folder.
  • Once iOS thinks you're creating a folder, drag the icon you want to hide out of the folder box and down toward the dock.
  • Drop the icon down in the dock.

That should hide the application in question, which means you won't see it on your homescreen. Also, the app will reappear if you restart and you'll still be able to access and run the app by searching for it in Spotlight, though. Don't worry, we won't tell anyone you're still playing Draw Something. Check out the video below which shows this in action in addition to how to test folders, though that hasn't changed since iOS 7.1