It’s a fantastic time of year to buy gadgets if you want to save money. You’ll need a few ingredients you can’t buy at the store, though, including patience, dedication and a will to win. Black Friday deals are worth it if you can win some, but it’s not always easy to do. Heck, we couldn’t even get an NES Classic the other week, and we were running store-to-store and trying to buy online at the same time. Luckily we have a few tips for how to win on Amazon if you’re looking for hot deals this Friday.

1. Use your Echo or Fire TV

You laugh, but you can actually save money on Amazon by using Amazon products. The company is offering exclusive deals through Amazon Alexa, which can only be accessed through the Amazon Echo family of products, the Fire TV and certain Amazon Fire TV tablets. All you need to do is say “Alexa, what are today’s deals?” She’ll read off what’s currently being offered, and you can order it right away. These are only available through Alexa, so you have an upper leg on folks who don’t own a gadget that has the voice assistant.

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2. Use your smartphone

This is a trick that can be used for more than just saving money on Black Friday. I always suggest you use your smartphone to buy the hot deals instead of, or in tandem with, a computer. It’s how I got Bruce Springsteen tickets through a TicketMaster app, for example, and it’s one of the easiest ways to buy new iPhones while Apple’s website is slammed during a new iPhone launch. If there’s a specific deal you’re after, consider loading up the Amazon app on your phone to get the product instead of your computer.

3. Setup one-click ordering


Set up one-click ordering on your Amazon account before Black Friday. That way, when the deals go live and you see something you like, you can tap a single button and have your shiny new 4K UHD TV on its way. You won’t need to try to move through Amazon’s process entering a credit card or your address. Just be careful about leaving this on if you don’t want to accidentally order something in the future, I’ve tapped that button instead of “add to cart” more than once.

4. Refresh the page


Amazon will hate me for saying this because it’ll add strain to its servers, but it’ll also help you out big time: refresh the page as often as you can until the deal you’re looking for goes live. Ctrl R is the default keyboard shortcut to do so. Once the deal goes live, you should be among the first to see it available, allowing you to tap the one-click order button (see the tip above to get that all setup).

5. Get an Amazon Prime membership


This might be the most obvious but it’s also the most important. Make sure you have an Amazon Prime membership before Black Friday. Not only will you get access to free two-day shipping and a whole library of music and movies, which is just a bonus going into the lounge-around holidays, but you’ll get access to deals that might only be available to Prime members. Amazon likes to take care of Prime subscribers, so my guess is the best deals will be available to those who have the premium service.

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