Facebook Timeline profile

Some of Facebook’s recent changes have been met by a torrent of criticism from those who don’t like Zuckerberg and co. messing with their favorite social network. However, one feature that people seem to be very keen on is Timeline — a new layout for your profile that looks awesome.

Facebook has promised to roll out the Timeline feature to its 800 million users over the course of the next few weeks, but if you’re itching to get it today, there is a simple workaround. Here’s how to get the new Timeline feature right now:

Step 1: Join the Facebook Developer App

Facebook Developer App

While logged into your Facebook account, type ‘Developer’ into the search box at the top of your news feed, then click on the Developer App. Join the service by giving the application the permission it requires.

Step 2: Create a New App

Facebook create new app button

Now you’re on the Facebook Developers page, click the button labelled ‘Create New App’ in the top right — but don’t worry, you don’t actually have to develop anything.

facebook new app naming

Give your app a name — anything you like — and an app namespace. These can both be the same, but the namespace cannot contain certain characters. Now fill in the Captcha request and continue.

Step 3: Get Started with Open Graph

Facebook developers Open Graph page

Click on the ‘Open Graph’ tab on the left-hand side and fill in the two boxes that you are presented with. These are used to describe your new app. Again, it doesn’t really matter what you put here. Once you’ve filled in those boxes, click the ‘Get started’ button.

Step 4: Back to Your Profile

Return to your profile — not your news feed —  and you’ll notice a new message at the top that asks if you’d like to get the new Timeline feature. Obviously you’ll want to click the ‘Get’ button at this point.

Step 5: Setup Your Timeline

Facebook Timeline profile setup

Now you can set up your fancy new Timeline profile by adding a ‘cover picture’ and filling in any missing information. Once you’re done, save your changes and admire your swanky new profile page.

Please note: your friends won’t be able to see this at the moment unless they join the Developer App too. So you’ll have to upload a screenshot to show it off and make them jealous. Good luck!

What do you think of the new Facebook Timeline profile?

[via Pocket-lint]