A new Easter Egg has been discovered in Grand Theft Auto V. It's pretty involved, but the video above offers a walkthrough concerning how to get it working. It comes from GTA Series Videos.

Here's the gist, from the video's description.

You first need to:
– Complete the game 100%
– Complete the Strangers & Freaks mission "The Last One" – Collect all 27 Peyote Plants. You can collect them all using Franklin, Michael or Trevor.

In order to actually find Teen Wolf, or "the Beast" as the description and video refers to him, you'll need to use your Sasquatch form to track down even more peyote.

The video at the head of this post does a great job explaining things, but if you want to jump straight to Sasquatch and Teen Wolf action, here's the same channel doing pure gameplay.

This looks nuts. Anyone up for trying it?