So you're on Twitter, but you have two followers, one of which is probably not a real person. You see some of your peers with hundreds, maybe thousands of followers. How did they get such a following? While everyone's story is different, this article will help you along to grow the number of followers your have.

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It's good to know people

Think about real life. Those who are the most connected and have the most meaningful relationships are often those that are the most successful, whether that's at work, at church, in pottery class, or in social circles. Having a strong network of supporters and people that genuinely have an interest in you is hugely beneficial. This applies to Twitter. It's not so much a matter of getting as many followers as possible, but getting as many quality followers are possible.

Why people follow

So why do people choose to follow you in the first place? There's usually a good reason. Often it's because they know you (whether it's through friends, through a website/YouTube channel you run, or through work). But it's also because they think what you are tweeting about is interesting and/or relevant to them.

It all starts with you

The biggest determining factor of how many people ultimately find and follow you is determined by the quality of your tweets. People want value. That's it. They want some sort of benefit by following you.

Here are some examples of some quality tweets that create value.

  1. Wow…just found an awesome deal on a Blu-ray player: I've never seen one priced so low!
  2. Just found out that if you tap the power button on the iPhone three times, it goes into developer mode.
  3. Obama's healthcare reform is just going to pass debts to our children. He should invest more in green power, specifically solar.
  4. I'm looking for a new laptop with a 13″ screen priced under $1000. Battery life is SUPER important. What do your recommend?
  5. Shopping at the Microsoft store…the entire staff just broke into a funny dance routine for the song "I gotta feeling" by Black Eyed Peas. Haha!
  6. I just got a new job working for XGEN Software Development, I start Monday. I can't wait to get started on something new!

Better yet, if you've got an expertise in some field (perhaps you're a fantastic chef, perhaps you're a software developer, or perhaps you're an engineering student), another way you can provide value is by sharing some of your expert insights in your tweets.

Here are some examples of low-quality tweets that provide little or no value.

  1. I just ate an apple
  2. My mouse sucks
  3. Walking to work
  4. It's chilly outside
  5. I'm bored!

A great place to start

Often times (but not always), if you follow someone on Twitter, they'll follow back once they check your Twitter stream and see that you're active and not tweeting about boring things.

Try this…go to Search for something that you tweet about, something that interests you. Find people that have similar interests to your own, and follow them. After following a dozen or so people, it's likely that some of them will follow you back.

Then, over the course of the next few days, watch their feed…[email protected] to them if there's a need, and make interesting tweets of your own. Other people are bound to RT you, which causes more people to follow you. Once more people follow you, you'll have more @replies yourself, and more conversations will be going on that involve you. Soon, followers of the people you follow will notice the interaction, and choose to follow you.

This process, if carried out consistently over a period of time, will translate into more followers, and more meaningful relationships on Twitter.

Go off, and be successful

As you've gathered by now, being successful on Twitter and being able to tap its many benefits takes time and effort. It's not going to happen in a week, or a month, but over many months where you are putting in effort to grow your followers and provide them with interesting tweets that make them glad to be following you.