Samsung Galaxy Note 3-Air Command

The Galaxy Note 3 offers more than just some impressive specs and a massive screen, it also comes with improved software that introduces a number of new features including Air Command, a shortcut menu that pops up whenever you take out the S Pen. Galaxy Note II users will likely get these features whenever Samsung gets around to upgrading the phablet to Android 4.3, but thankfully a team of developers have already released a handful of custom ROMs to bring your handset up to speed.

The first step in upgrading your Galaxy Note II will be installing Android 4.3 on the device, using leaked firmware. From there you can flash in all in the best features from the Note 3, including Air Command, Gallery, S Note, Sketchbook, S Planner and more.

Before you start updating your smartphone, remember that flashing custom ROMs is always a little risky. Make sure to backup your device before you start and proceed at your own risk. You can find the full step-by-step guide for adding the new features to your Note II via the source link just below.