Google is offering an additional 2GB  of free Google Drive storage this week in celebration of "Safer Internet Day." All you need to do to receive the additional bump in storage is run a Google Security Checkup, which the company says should take about two minutes. After you're done, you should find the permanent extra space available beginning on Feb. 28.

Google said the Security Checkup just makes sure that all of your recovery information is up to date – the sort of stuff that requires you add in an alternative e-mail and phone number so you can still be reached if your account is compromised. You'll also need to review all of your sign-ins to make sure that everything is legit, and confirm that specific apps that are accessing account information are indeed doing so with your permission.

"After you've gone through the checkup successfully, you'll see three green checkboxes that confirm you're eligible for the free storage and, more important, that you've taken steps to enhance your online safety." We just completed the checkup and it really took about under a minute – it's a breeze.

Google said that you need to complete the checkup before Feb. 17, which gives you a week to take advantage of the deal, and that it's not open to Google Apps for Work and Google Apps for Education users, though Google still recommends those folks run the checkup. Hit the source to get started.