If you lose your Android device somewhere, don't lose all hope. Just be prepared and get the Find My Device app today for when that happens.

The Find My Device app serves as a toolkit for misplaced smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, computers, and more. Google created the service for those times when you leave your Android device behind, misplace it nearby, or unfortunately experience theft. With it, there's a much better chance you and your Android device are together again.

Let's get you ready for one of those sad, frustrating moments fueled by separation anxiety.

How to find your lost Android device


First, you're going to need the Find My Device app; install it from the Play Store and enter a Google Account's login credentials

This app works across all Android devices, but you'll need to have access to the same Google Account on them

If you don't have the Find My Device app downloaded and installed on your device, you're going to be stuck without the most viable option


Has your Android device gone missing? Visit www.google.com/android/find on a computer or another mobile device

Google starts pinging the lost Android device, and the interface immediately shows the location as long as there's power as well as a reliable connection


Find My Device can turn out the sound at a loud volume and play an alert even if the Android device was muted

It'll play the alert for as many as 5 minutes; of course, it can be stopped or even replayed

By letting the alert run, you might be able to hear your Android device in the event its location appears to be in the same room or nearby area


Don't worry about someone doing some bad things; Find My Device lets you secure the Android device even when there isn't a lock screen set

Just enter a new password, and that'll be set until you retrieve your prized possession


You can also go nuclear by erasing the device; Find My Device performs a factory reset, too

Remember that this will deactivate location-tracking

Erase your Android device's data if all hope is lost to go to wherever it was left behind; it's also a good idea if there isn't any power but someone stole the item and turns it on later

All of these options are available on smartphones, tablets, Wear OS smartwatches, and Chrome OS devices

Ah, what a sight of relief. Now you shouldn't be too worried about your Android device getting into the wrong hands and having valuable personal information put in jeopardy. If someone stole it, the Android device could still be gone forever. Yet there's some hope if it was misplaced and someone had the intention of returning it to you.

We should repeat this: Find My Device needs to be on all Android devices. Please don't be foolish and think to yourself that it's unnecessary. Just when you thought you're great on keeping track of things, your beloved Android device will go missing.

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