iPhone 6 stock map

Still having difficulty tracking down one of Apple’s new iPhones? Since going on sale late last month, the devices have become hard to come by—that’s reflected by Apple’s incredible early sales. Luckily there’s a tool (there always is) that claims to provide up-to-date stock information of every single Apple Store in the U.S., which means you no longer have to incessantly call the store nearby to ask if they have new iPhones in stock.

The tool is called iStockNow, and is probably your best bet of getting a device aside from waiting in line (or ordering online). The site is easy enough to use, and provides an easy-to-read key showing which Apple stores do have stock, and which do not. Using the tool now, it looks like the majority of stores across the U.S. have stock, though only specific models in a specific color and size.

The Irvine Spectrum store, for example, which is nearby our office, only has Gold 128GB iPhone 6 models in stock for Sprint and Verizon; that seems to be the same story with other stores in the area. From what we can tell, it looks like Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus is definitely the harder model to find, which is either due to overwhelming demand or just the lack of models being produced. On Apple’s site, the iPhone 6 Plus (64GB in Space Gray) has a ship time of 3-4 weeks; the iPhone 6 should ship in 7-10 days.

The iStockNow tool also provides information for Target and Best Buy retail stores, though I’m not seeing anything in the area I’m in. There are some Apple locations that have ample iPhone 6 options—you can filter your searches by model, carrier, color, etc.—so it’s just a matter of tracking the phone down (and calling the stores to make sure they actually do have stock).

Seeing as the device launched just a few weeks ago, stock will likely be difficult to come by for the next several weeks.