Silent Hills is canceled and Hideo Kojima has left Konami. Nothing’s going to change that. The teaser for Silent Hills, called P.T., left an indelible mark on games, though. Fans were understandably disappointed when the game’s teaser disappeared from the PlayStation Store and rightfully angry when they realized that a deleted copy of P.T. couldn’t be re-downloaded as with most purchased PlayStation Network software.

If you deleted it and were among the angry fans left in the cold, though, there’s some light – a way to get P.T. back. If you didn’t have P.T. before, though, you’re out of luck.

Discovered by, your PC can become a proxy for your PlayStation 4 to allow you to reacquire the game. The method, described below, involves downloading an EXE file and running it, so do-so at your own risk. Eurogamer did verify that it works, though.

You’ll download and install a program called SUWI. Leave all the options checked when you install it. You’ll reconfigure your PlayStation 4’s network settings to “Use a Proxy Server,” at which point you’ll input your computer’s local IP address. You can download any number of browser extensions to get your local IP or search Google for instructions on how to find your local IP if you don’t already know how. Once you input that local IP, then set the port to 808. Let the PS4 test it, and if it’s successful, go browse your library. P.T. will show up and you can re-download it. Make sure to set your network proxy back to “do not use” once you’re done.

The creator of the SUWI executable explains that when you download something from PSN, your PlayStation uses a .JSON file to know where to get the game from. The application, once installed, lets your computer pretend to be PSN and it downloads one of the copies of P.T. that’s been uploaded by fans.

Again, this is a pretty hacky way to get it back, so we can’t vouch for how safe the installer is for your PC or your PlayStation. It seems to be all done in good faith, though, and others have had success without ill effects. But now you can get back into that endless hallway and get yourself properly freaked out.