Nintendo joins the modern world with the Nintendo Switch by letting players game without borders. Reports around the net are showing gamers and reporters alike downloading their favorite games that were once available only in Japan.

Simply create a Japanese account, login to it, and have fun shopping and downloading free demos! The cult-classic fighting game WakuWaku7 is already proving to be an early favorite.

In fact, the region-free capabilities are getting a much-unexpected level of praise with players stating that you can access your purchases with any account on the system. There is no need to log out and log in again to a different account just to access your different region games.

Nintendo also provides English explanations of Japanese games if you play through your normal North American account.

So how to do you go about downloading these?

It’s a pretty simple process, and the video below will take you through it step by step.

This is especially exciting if we ever get around to Virtual Console! The classic Fire Emblem games, Trip World, and who knows what games will be fully playable for the first official time in history.