Mac OS - Mountain Lion - Notifications Center - 001Mountain Lion's notifications are a simple way to alert users that they have a new e-mail, calendar event, message, etc. It's basically an extension of iOS, which has had notifications since iOS 5 hit last year. But not everyone is a fan, including CNET's Topher Kessler. So is there a way to disable the feature? Actually…

As Kessler describes it, Apple is basically forcing notifications down user's throats. There's no simple way to turn them off entirely, unless you decide to disallow them from all your apps. But even then, new apps you download will be added to the Notification Center, and so goes the never ending battle.Apparently, the application dynamically launches every single time a user logs into their computer through a process called "launchd."

There's a not-so-obvious way to turn off alerts and banner notifications by holding down the option key and pressing on the icon in the menu bar, but this only temporarily disables them for the day. What about forever?

If you're comfortable messing with CoreServices, you can edit the launch agent file so the path is essentially broken, prohibiting notifications from launching. In addition, you can alter the launch agent file to prevent notifications from continually launching. This will, in effect, allow you to run and disable the feature ad hoc.

OS X Daily describes in detail how you can successfully disable the new feature if you're frustrated with receiving notifications all day. Personally, it's not a big deal to me, and actually keeps me a bit more productive because I don't miss messages or emails. However, if notifications are quickly becoming the bane of your existence, and you don't mind altering some core files, you can disable the feature for good.

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