Instagram’s exploded in recent years, holding global dominance while competing platforms struggle to remain relevant.

It began as a photo-sharing service, but videos and expiring content have entered the mix as well. These days, you can do everything from sharing to communicating to shopping on Instagram. Yet you might be looking for a way out.

How to delete your Instagram account


Go to on any device and log in with your account credentials

Select ‘Support’ from the bottom navigation menu


In the Help Center, choose ‘Managing Your Account’

Select ‘Delete Your Account’ and read about your options

The menu explains the difference between disabling and deleting an account; therefore, explore them before making a final decision


Instagram explains that, after deleting your account, its username cannot be reactivated nor added to another account

If you’re prepared to exit Instagram, hit the ‘Delete Your Account’ link in the menu


Just let Instagram know why you left; for all the various reasons, the service offers up some remedies that could get you to change your mind

Enter your password one last time

Push the ‘Permanently delete my account’ button, and Instagram will complete the job

Now you can leave Instagram once and for all or return with a new username. The Facebook-owned service gains new features quite often, and maybe that’ll attract you back at a later time.

Even though you’re gone, Instagram will always be right there waiting.

Unlike most services in the social scene, Instagram doesn’t offer up a grace period. That means you don’t have a window to reverse the decision. Instagram will move forward with deleting your account as soon as that red-colored button gets hit. All decisions are, well, final.