If you're a modern guy who's into technology, you might be super flattered to discover that female-oriented blogs think your category of man is quite a catch — so much that women should adopt a fake persona just to attract one.

According to ChipChick, noteworthy traits of authentic geeks often include wealth, and what often goes along with the affluence is a young demographic (20- to 30-somethings). They're also handy to have around when that pesky hardware goes bonkers, and some might even have an "in" for checking out pre-release software.

The premise of the article is to help everyday gals "fake it till they make it" to lure in this specific sub-section of men. (Genuine she-geeks don't need the help, since they're already on the same wavelength with their male brethren.) Is it offensive to see what amounts to a tipsheet on how to dupe guys with tricks? Sure it is, on multiple levels. When I wrote "5 Tips for Snagging a Techie Girl" last year, the idea was to help readers put their best foot forward — not con anyone with falsehoods. But let's put authenticity aside for a second, and cut to the chase: In the real world, would these geek-seeking steps even work?

Here's what some women think it takes to snag a geek. Take a look and tell us if you think these would be effective or not:

The Stages of Getting A Geek Guy

Step 1) Emulate a famous hot girl geek. Zooey Deschanel, Kristen Bell, Katy Perry, Felicia Day are all good choices. Basically any cute, quirky women who rock big eyes, bangs and eyeglasses. And geeked-out attire with sexy lines don't hurt either. (Read: Tight-fitting Mario and Warcraft shirts apparently works wonders.)

Step 2) Choose a geek TV show — and learn everything about it. The idea is to show him that you can be passionate about science fiction, preferably nothing too new and mainstream. Star Wars, Joss Whedon and Doctor Who are all good choices, and if you don't want to learn every detail about it, pick an obscure aspect and focus on that. (Symbolism in Doctor Who, anyone?)

Step 3) Get some skills on a geek-approved PC/console game. You might be awesome at Dance Central, but it won't win you any points, not when the guy's into World of Warcraft or Portal. You don't have to choose the same games and invest loads of time into it, if you don't want. Getting comfortable with Street fighter or Soul Caliber and learning just a couple of wicked moves is a-okay.

Step 4) Work up some online cred. There are only a couple of things that are sure in life: Taxes, and the fact that would-be romantic partners will definitely Google you. If you're adopting a new image, you'll want to stock your Twitter/Facebook stream with evidence of your geekiness. Or set up a blog, perhaps wallpapered with a scene from Mass Effect 3 or Mario.

Step 5) Learn the inside jokes. The essence of geek humor is its exclusivity: Only other geeks really "get" how witty it is. Lucky for you, someone made up a list. Some of the choice bits: "The box said 'Requires Windows Vista or better'. So I installed LINUX," "If at first you don't succeed; call it version 1.0," and (my favorite) "The Internet: where men are men, women are men, and children are FBI agents."

Step 6) Patrol the places where they gather. The strategy recommended by the ChipChick article is two-fold:

1. Think places where you can get a seat, drinks are well priced and you can hear people talk. Yes, geeks avoid sweaty clubs as they don't have the moves and glasses can fog up. Scout them out in the surrounding areas to these companies — the address of Google/Yahoo etc. will be listed online.

2. Take the Geek approach — add them on FourSquare and see where they 'check in' to- those will be your ideal stomping grounds.

In general, places like Silicon Valley, San Francisco and the Old Street Roundabout in the UK are unparalleled geek stomping grounds, so consider yourself fortunate if you happen to live nearby.

What's your take on the advice being given to women? Are you offended, or do these tips look pretty spot-on to you? Weigh in.

[via ChipChick]