Amazon on Thursday introduced Amazon Blueprints, a new platform that allows Echo owners to create custom responses. So, if you say to Alexa, “Who is the best superhero?” you can program the technology to say whoever you want. (Obviously, Rocket Racer is the best superhero around.)

The great thing about Amazon Blueprints is you don’t need to be a Best Buy Geek to program a custom response. Amazon has a handy website that makes setting up custom messages really easy. You can find it right here.

Say you want to set up a guided tour for your home when guests visit. Click on the “Houseguest” blueprint and you’ll be met with a variety of options. Here are a few examples listed on Amazon’s website:

Alexa, open My Houseguest Guide.

Alexa: Welcome to your personal houseguest guide. Your host created this custom skill to help you enjoy your stay. While you’re in town, if you ever have a question, you can ask me.

How do I turn on the TV?

Alexa: Use the big remote to turn the TV on and the smaller remote to adjust the volume. What else would you like to know?

Creating a blueprint can be done in a few easy steps: click on a template, customize the content of what you want Alexa to say, and then hit save. That’s it. Some of the blueprints are really easy and straightforward to setup, while others are more involved.

The babysitter blueprint is especially handy because it stores important information that could be crucial in an emergency situation. Parents can list information about allergies, medications, and sleep schedules. You can also program Alexa to tell the babysitter where diapers are.

Amazon does a really good job of making the process easy enough for anyone to understand. Once you’ve created a blueprint, it will be pushed to the account tied to your Alexa device(s). If you want to edit any of the blueprints you’ve created, you can do so through Amazon’s Alexa Blueprints website.

Amazon’s new platform is a terrific way to make Alexa a more powerful tool in your home. Many of us are used to asking the assistant for the weather and traffic. Now, you can make it more personal, whether you’re using blueprints for houseguests or to study.

Really, the new platform is as powerful—and fun—as you make it. I’m already planning to to set up a few burns so I can roast my friends. Head on over to Amazon’s Blueprints website to see what other things the new platform can do.