Microsoft made it pretty clear that Xbox One controllers wouldn't work with the Xbox 360 and vice versa, but Sony's been playing things a little more coy when it comes to cross compatibility between the platforms.

Dutch Youtube user Udetto, however, was able to demonstrate this week that PS4 controllers do, indeed, work with the PlayStation 3,  if in a somewhat limited way. As he demonstrates, the controller functions perfectly while plugged in, even if it doesn't have a PS button. Where it falls apart, however, is that some PlayStation 3 games apparently require that the controller be synced wirelessly… which does not currently work with the PS4 controller.

I would love to see Sony fully support the controller on their previous platform, as I've heard it's a much more comfortable use. Both systems use Bluetooth for controller communication, so there shouldn't be any technical barriers. I'm also looking forward to plugging the controller into my PC and comparing it to the Xbox One controller once drivers are available for both.