It’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Your name is Link, and you’re trying to save Hyrule again. You’ve got mountains to scale. Lots of them.

You could upgrade your stamina meter the old fashioned way by visiting lots and lots of shrines. That’ll get you to the top of most mountains after a few dozen hours of work.

Don’t have time for that? I’m sticking to the standard way, but if you don’t mind taking advantage of a glitch to get ahead in a game, pay attention. The folks at GameXplain have discovered a method that makes climbing all mountains, regardless of your stamina upgrades, a breeze.

Basically, climb mountains with slight slopes (70-degrees or so). When you want to recharge your stamina, hold up on the left stick and press B. Link will run in place and your meter will refill.

Gain altitude before it’s patched

The modern age of gaming means that glitches and exploits will be quickly squashed if publishers and developers want players playing in the designed fashion. I imagine Nintendo will be quick to patch this one out of existence, so you’ll want to take advantage now.

Or don’t. I’m not. I’m out there clearing shrines like a Hylian badass, so don’t mind me. See you at the top!