Picked up a PlayStation VR headset? You dropped $399 on a piece of technology that will do more than sit still and play games. People will wear your headset, and they’ll slide the lenses over their greasy foreheads.

Now that the imagery is out of the way, you get the idea. You will need to know how to clean your PlayStation VR.

Good enough! The official PlayStation YouTube channel has posted two videos for this process.

PlayStation VR Lens Cleaning

Your headset came with a microfiber cloth. Use it to clean your lenses. Don’t use anything other than a cloth like it.

PlayStation VR Light Shield Cleaning

This next one is a bit more complicated. You’ll need to remove and re-attach the light shield in order to properly clean it. Sony offers that you need to “keep the light guard clean for the best PlayStation VR experience!”

Treat your expensive tech right. Keep it clean.