Ready to get your hands on a brand new iPhone 4S, but aren’t sure you’re eligible for an upgrade?

Have no fear! We’ve got you covered, with this handy dandy guide to determining whether or not you can score Apple’s newest handset at a subsidized rate.

Super excited the iPhone is now available on Sprint? To check whether you’re eligible to pick up a subsidized iPhone click here, and then enter your phone number and zip code into the yellow box on the side of the screen marked “Check your upgrade eligibility.”

AT&T is on of the easiest of the mix when it comes  to figuring out of you’re eligible for an upgrade. To check your status, dial *639# from your mobile phone and then press send. Once sent, your phone will let you know it plans on sending you a text message shortly, and in the next minute of so you should receive an automated text letting your know whether or not you’re eligible for a subsidized handset.

If you’re on Verizon, then determining whether you’re eligible for an upgrade is a little more complicated. To check your upgrade eligibility you’ll need to log in to Verizon’s website and then click the My Verizon tab on your account page. The My Verizon page will list all of the phones and devices you currently have attached to your phone plan, with the upgrade eligibility information for each device listed directly below its picture.

Are any of you not eligible for an upgrade but still want the new iPhone? Will you purchase it at full price or wait until you can score one at a discount?