Google Glass is available to everyone in the United States today and only today. That means you can drop $1,500 and pick up your very own copy of Google Glass, which was previously only reserved for developers before it was opened up slightly to other folks, like anyone who subscribed to Google Play All Access Music. Want to buy a pair? Here’s how.

1. Head to the Google Glass Store


Open up your browser and head to the Google Glass website. That’s where you’ll find all of the information you need on the Google Glass Explorer Edition (XE for short), which is the model you’re going to be buying today. You’ll also be able to pick your color, choose eyeglass frames, buy accessories and more — so let’s move on.

2. Pick your color

Next, pick the color of the Google Glass Explorer Edition. This is the hue that parts of the frame of Google Glass, like the area around the camera and the arms, will have. Google offers five choices, including charcoal, tangerine, cotton, shale and sky. Pick the color that makes the most sense – maybe one that matches your outfits – because, keep in mind, this is an expensive purchase.

3. Pick your frames or shades.

Google recently released its titanium package of eyeglass frames and shades for Google Glass, which makes it a lot more stylish than ever before. Yes, you’ll still stand out like a sore thumb in most public places, but at least you won’t look as geeky. There are four eyeglass frames to choose from (curve, bold, split and thin) or you can pick from one of three shades (edge, classic and active). The eyeglass frames typically cost $250 while the shades are valued at $150, so you’re saving some money here. The curved eyeglass frames look the best to us, but we’ll let you pick your own flavor.

4. Need accessories?

Google sells several accessories for Glass, including stereo earbuds ($85), a mono earbud ($50), a clear shield created with Maui Jim ($75), a premium cable and charger ($50), a travel pouch ($50) and a case ($75).

Final Steps


Next, just click “Check out” and move through the payment process. Google accepts payments through a Google Wallet account, too. If you already have a debit card saved for payments in Google Play, for example, you should be all set. The company says that all Google Glass orders should ship in 5-7 days, which means you’re not going to get it overnight. The company does include shipping in the $1,500 price, however, though doesn’t say how quickly it will arrive. Also of note: Google can’t ship anywhere outside of the U.S., including Puerto Rico, so you’ll need to live in one of the 50 states.