Samsung has a new video out to celebrate the holidays and, of course, to promote the Galaxy S5. In it, it highlights the phone's resistance to water and dust by bringing a snowman to life.

Samsung's video above is a cute clip in which folks building a snowman decide to bury a few Galaxy S5 units inside of a snowman. Two are placed inside of the head for the eyes, while another is buried in its chest for the heart. Then, after clearing out some space in the snow, the screens are exposed and the snowman's eyes and heart are animated, all thanks to the Galaxy S5 units buried inside. It's cute, and it certainly seems like the Galaxy S5's water resistance should be up for the task.

Want to try it for yourself? Samsung published a 20 minute clip for the heart animations—though we can't find the eye animation, so use your own!—that you can put on your own phones and bury inside of a snowman. Technically this will work with any water-resistant device. Let's just hope you get some snow (if you haven't already).