So, you’ve decided you want to try your hand at professional blogging, congrats! If part 1 of this series didn’t scare you off, apparently you really are serious about giving this a go.

Now, how do you find the work? There are several sources for jobs out there, but the quality of listings varies wildly. The best rule when applying for any professional blogging job is to go look at the site that posted the listing, and see if it feels like a truly good fit for you.

writingI made a few mistakes early on by applying to any and all blogs I found, not minding the subject matter. It was a learning curve of an extreme nature, and one I would never care to repeat. It also led to my first ever firing from any job, ever. Not a good time. This will be covered more in-depth in part 3.

Now, as to the sites where you can locate work. Aggregates jobs from multiple sources as well as asking employers to send in their job listings to the site directly. Jobs are posted every few days, can also have them emailed to you for automatic delivery. Forums: This one takes a little bit of sifting due to the subsection of the forum being for all commerce, including the trading of ads and links. This site offers a lot of job listings, but also has the unique addition of once a week allowing bloggers to post about themselves so that they can lure in new employers hopefully. I wouldn’t do this until you’ve built up a bit of a portfolio of published work you can share. Lots of writing jobs, not just blogging, get posted on Cragslist daily. This was the first site I found and it led eventually to everything else I found. This is actually the job board I located all my jobs through. I think the companies that list here tend to be a bit more serious due to the fact they charge for their listings, and ProBlogger is a fairly serious publication in the realm of professional blogging. A bit of a snarky blog, but for some odd reason they have a thriving marketplace for freelancer writers to post bios of themselves for $19 a month. forums: A part of the popular site, a blog dedicated to making a living from blogging, their forums have a section just for blogging jobs to be listed. Updated once a week, Writer’s Weekly is a site all about helping writers find work, and their jobs board is no different.

You’ll find that a lot of ads repeat across multiple sites, so make sure you don’t send more than one application to the same site by accident.

Ads are constantly changing, so if you’re on a serious hunt for a blogging job I suggest you check at minimum every other day if no every day for new listings.

Check back next week for part 3 of the series where I’ll be discussing tips for getting the job once you’ve found one you think fits your needs.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments.

This series originally appeared on and is reprinted here by permission.