Best answer: Android users can pre-register for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite right now. Doing so will inform users as soon as the game is released.

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More details for Nitantic's Harry Potter: Wizards Unite have been revealed, and while we still don't have a release date, fans can pre-register today. The purpose of pre-registering is so you can start playing the game on the day it's released.

Unfortunately, pre-registration is only open to Android users through the Google Play Store, so iOS users will have to wait. Niantic did say, however, that more information should be available soon.

How to pre-register for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

  1. Navigate to the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite app on the Google Play Store.
  2. Tap Pre-register
  3. Tap Ok

You'll get a confirmation that you're pre-registered. Once the game is available to play, Google will let you know.

How to stay up to date with Harry Potter: Wizards Unite if you're an iOS user

Although iOS users can't pre-register for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, they can choose to "enlist now" to receive email updates.

  1. Go to the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite website
  2. Tap or click Enlist Now
  3. Enter your email address

Enlisting now will provide email updates as the game for iOS progresses toward a final release. We're still not sure when that will be.

More information to come

If you want to learn more about Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, you can check out our in-depth explainer.

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