Update: Paul Christofolo has now changed his Twitter name from @OceanMarketting to @OceanStratagy. No. Seriously.

We wrestled with posting this story for your perusal this morning for at least an hour or two before figuring we’d best type it up. On one hand, a consumer was wronged horribly in the world of gaming accessories by a PR company representative. That fact needs attention and should be discussed on a wide level. On the other hand? This story is nuts. The Drama Llama over on the right serves as fair warning for that fact.

Get ready…

The whole thing was outted initially by the good folks at Penny Arcade. You’ll need to head to their site in order to get the full transcription of what went down (including all of the glorious emails in the exchange), but, for a quick sense of what’s happening, we’ll hit you with the basics.

One customer pre-odered the Avenger controller add-on for the PlayStation 3 controller. It’s basically a shell that re-arranges buttons for convenience, disabled gamers or tournament play. It’s gathered a nice following and support from fans since launching for the Xbox 360.

This customer, Dave, pre-ordered two controllers by paying full price. He intended to have them arrive by Christmas Eve. He had not been notified by the company behind the product that they’d shipped it to him since placing the order. He decided it was time to email the contact address listed in order to get some answers.

Throughout the full exchange, Dave remains cordial and polite. The recipient of his complaints, however, does not. Paul Christoforo of @OceanMarketting (yes, they really spelled it that way) takes the concept of even bad PR being great PR and runs with it.

As Dave rightfully complains about the missing product and the way he’s being handled, Paul tells him that it’s time to “put on your big boy hat and wait it out like everyone else.” Dave meets that insult, and several others, by stating that he intends to inform the gaming blogs of the world of this transgression. Paul’s response comes in waves of “you have no clue who I am” and “LOL Thanks for the Free PR…”

The whole thing is, frankly, mind boggling. If you’re ever thinking of entering the world of Public Relations, look no further than Paul Christoforo when it comes to figuring out how you shouldn’t behave.

Hop over the Penny Arcade to get the full scoop if you, like the Drama Llama, require internet rage to live.

[via Penny Arcade]