Super Mario Run was downloaded 90 million times in its first two weeks. Over that same span, it was purchased only 3 million times.

Thanks to it’s $10 price tag, Super Mario Run earned $30 million in two weeks of availability on the App Store.

Right, only roughly 3.3 percent of the users who downloaded the game actually decided to pay for it in order to move beyond the initial paywall. That conversion rate, as it’s called, isn’t exactly bad for the mobile gaming genre. Back in February of 2015, for instance, only 2.3 percent of players of King’s (makers of Candy Crush) games actually paid money. A 3.3 percent conversion rate for Super Mario Run isn’t bad.

It isn’t setting the world on fire, either

Pokémon GO, by comparison, earned $200 million in 32 days. I don’t think Super Mario Run will hit that mark, no matter how good the game is.

This is a good start for Nintendo, make no mistake. If one app makes them $30 million in two weeks while increasing brand visibility, that’s a win for the company. Could this lead to long term success for their more traditional platforms? We’ll see.

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