Resident Evil 4

When I stop and think about it, I don't think any game in modern history has been ported to as many consoles as Resident Evil 4. It's become something of a tradition for new consoles to land their own playable version of this masterpiece, and I don't think the Nintendo Switch is going to be any different.

Let's just count first. Resident Evil 4 was first released on the GameCube in 2005, before moving to the PlayStation 2 later that year. A PC version was released in 2007 to horrible results. Afterward, 2008 saw the release of the game's definitive edition, the Wii port. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 got the first HD versions in 2011 and were followed by a second and far superior port through Steam in 2014.

Most recently, the game came to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One back in August. The only consoles it hasn't come out for are the Wii U, which is not a problem because the Wii version plays just fine on it, and the PlayStation Vita.

With all of these builds available, I think Capcom will have no problem cramming it onto the Nintendo Switch at a reasonable cost, and I am fine with that. A true version of Resident Evil 4 has never been playable on a handheld console, meaning this would very well be the first. I made this list a while ago, but the game's lack of a proper portable version has always held me back from becoming a total handheld gamer.

If it comes to the Switch, then that's one more check on my list! (Where are my SaGa Frontier and Brave Fencer Musashi on the Vita, Square Enix?!)

It took two to three years for all of these HD versions to come out, so I think 2018 would be a safe bet for Capcom and Nintendo to pump out Resident Evil 4. However, I'm going to be a little liberal in my guess and say that Capcom already has its port underway. Once Resident Evil 7 comes out, it's going to want to capitalize on the series' name as well as Resident Evil 4's entangled history with Nintendo.

At the earliest, we might see Resident Evil 4 before 2017 closes out. Just a guess, but come on… it'll get to the Switch eventually.