When Apple bought Siri, most of the blogosphere wondered where that would lead. And when they clapped hands with Nuance last spring, makers of Dragon Naturally Speaking and the Dragon Dictation app, the rumors swirled. So with the buzz around iOS 5's new Assistant feature now, most of us are slapping our foreheads and saying, "Of course!"

Expectations are high that Assistant will be the starring feature at the iOS 5 show. And until we get to peep it for real, here is one site's take on what it could look like. MacRumors posted an artist's rendition of the interface based on information gotten from sources "with knowledge of the feature."

It should work something like this: Users hold down the home button to activate Assistant and call up the microphone button, which swoops in from the bottom just like the multitasking bar. Just hit the button and say a command, and the voice recognition will show you the transcript before performing the action — could be to schedule appointments, text friends, call up info or something else. It will prompt if it needs more information, and it also has a nifty conversation view, a feature that Siri fans should find somewhat familiar.

The bummer here is, if MacRumors is right, Assistant will only work on the iPhone 4S/5/whatever… the next handset. (What, no iPad? No iPod Touch? Shoot.)

To see it in action, check out the video demo. Then tell us — what do you think of iOS 5's new flagship feature? Does it look droolworthy to you?

[via MacRumors]