Computers dominate our lives.We spend hours and hours each day pecking away at our keyboards.As we continue in that direction, computers will seep their way into more of our lives than ever before.You’d expect, then, that we should be more than proficient than ever at finding our way around the keyboard.

typingtestOddly enough, that’s not always the case.Despite keyboarding classes early in school, there are still plenty of users who can’t manage to look away from their fingers, trusting they’ll hit the right keys.There are those who type with two fingers, hunting and pecking their way through remarkably long papers.How is it that so much of our time is spent on the keyboard and at the same time we’re so inefficient?

Let’s try an experiment.Head over here and take a 2 minute typing test on “The Enchanting Typewriter”.Bring the results back from your first attempt.If you don’t mind, let us know your age as well.The older you get the more typing experience you’d have, right?  Check out this 5th grader who can probably blow you away. Maybe we’ll try the same for mobile devices in the future.