I currently have 92 pending Facebook friend requests. For me, I refuse to "friend" someone on the site that I wouldn't be comfortable inviting into my home, giving my cell phone number out to, and randomly grabbing dinner with on a Saturday night. I genuinely like all the people I'm connected to on the site and consider them all friends.

If you're not one of the chosen few I've "friended" you can only see my profile picture and name. What that means, is that my life on Facebook is specifically me interacting with those close to me. I post pictures without really caring who sees them, write status messages letting people know I've traveled out of town … I prescreen the people who can see what I post, so I don't have to filter what I post along the way. I keep all the requests I get, because I may potentially want to actually friend those people in the future – but their time isn't now.

While I do have quite a few friends who adopt the same practice, I also have number of friends who have Facebook friend lists reaching well into the thousands. For them, if you've met them once or maybe know someone they know then you're good enough to score a Facebook connection.

We're talking a lot about online privacy this week here at TechnoBuffalo (check out our Internet Privacy page for all our coverage), which seems like perfect time to see how you guys handle your own affairs when it comes to your identity online. Do you accept all Facebook friend requests that come your way, or are you more selective about who you approve? Once you approve a friend does everyone have the same access to your account, or do you filter what you allow people to see?