As users of Google know, when you stat typing words into its search box, it will start making suggestions for what it thinks you might mean.  It has been noticed lately that if you type in “how do I”, the fifth or sixth suggestion (depending on the day) has become “how do i delete my facebook account”, representing a significant uptick in the number of search requests for it.

how do i delete my facebook account

While some people might not be able to conceive why anyone would want to do such a thing, many people have been upset with the new policies from the site on instant personalization and other privacy concerns.  While it may seem an extreme move by some people, many individuals are seeing it as the only alternative to get away from some of the more invasive actions the company has taken as of late.

The unfortunate thing is that Facebook has not made it exactly the easiest thing in the world to get done.  First you need to go to the Facebook account deletion submission page.

Dacebook deletion submission page

There is another step where you need to enter your password and a captcha.  Nothing too outrageous to be sure, and it just makes sure you didn’t stay logged in on a public terminal or some other security breach.  (The captcha can be avoided if you’ve verified your account, but this was an account I set up just for the purpose of deleting.)


Okay, so you’ve jumped through the hoops, and this is where you just have to go, “What?!?”


Your account is not automatically deleted.  Your account will remain around for 14 days, and if you log back in for any reason, the site will try to convince you to not delete it.  When I logged back in with this account, it didn’t give me any questions, and some people are reporting logging back in just automatically cancels the deletion request.  In other words, Facebook really, really does not want you to leave.

To further prove this point, we tested logging back in, and the following e-mail showed up in my inbox as soon as I logged into the site.  (I used the name “John Smith” for the account in case you were wondering)


The best idea is once you have gone through the deletion process, just consider it dead and do not return to the site for any reason if you really are serious about getting rid of your account.

What say you?  Have you given any serious thought to deleting your Facebook account?